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Smoke and Mirrors (2008)

A series of progressive rock based tunes usually written late at night while under the influence of years gone by.

Purge (2010)

Alternative Acoustic Rock

These Are Mighty Times (2014)

The Mighty Men 2014 RPM Challenge

Light at the End of the Tunnel (2017)

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The Mighty Men


The Mighty Men are just that, mighty musicians with a single purpose,write,produce and record mighty music. Formed in the early 50's, matured in the 70's and heavily medicated in the 2000's, this is a band to be reckoned with. Stylistic writing and playing is the norm for this group of well matched musicians. In another time and place, they might be stars, but in todays environment, they are but humble studio rats, plying their sounds and skills in the hopes that someone, somewhere will in fact recognize the true meaning of the word.... and whats the word, in the immortal words of the Fireside Theater gang, the word is hot-dogs, yes my friends, the Almighty hot dog, king of all foods great.

Mighty Mark-Guitar and Vocals Mighty Jim-Bob- Bass Mighty Bill Bob- Precision Mighty Albert- Strings and Keys Might Colbear- Inspiration Mighty Debo- Encouragement Mighty Timmy-Wisdom


Rock,Alternative,Alternative Rock

Completed Albums

Smoke and Mirrors(2008)

A series of progressive rock based tunes usually written late at night while under the influence of years gone by.

Bowl Of Sorrow   Download
You   Download
She's Gone   Download
Drama Queen   (preferred)   Download
Photographs   Download
Dr. Bob's   Download
Smoke and Mirrors   Download
Easy Peasy   Download
Tears For Yesterday   Download
Captain Magic   Download


Alternative Acoustic Rock

Sounds Like A Cowboy Song   Download
The Queen Of Something
Major Major
Go Away   Download
Wandering   Download
1iK   Download
Idiot   Download
Hey Honey   Download
You Gota Be Kiddin' Me   Download
Purge   Download

These Are Mighty Times(2014)

The Mighty Men 2014 RPM Challenge

Don't Have A Lot Of Time   Download
A Long Time Ago   Download
Its Not What It Use To Be   Download
These Are Mighty Times   Download
Two Become One   (preferred)   Download
I Am   Download
Your Not Alone   Download
Woolly Nights   Download
Too Much Fun   Download
In To Thin Air   Download

Light at the End of the Tunnel(2017)

Miss You When Your Gone
Follow Your Heart
Life Takes A Left Hand Turn
Boom Town
Tattered Lies
Why Now
Yank My Uke